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Halkidiki is the most popular tourist destination in northern Greece. It is a peninsula divided into three smaller parts, known as the three legs of Halkidiki. The first leg and most popular one is Kassandra with plenty of tourist resorts and organized beaches. The second peninsula is Sithonia, with less organized resorts and more secluded coves. The third peninsula, Mount Athos, is a nearby monastic community where entrance is allowed only to men and after special permission. Very interesting is a boat trip from Ouranoupolis that makes the tour of Mount Athos, a region with lovely beaches and impressive Byzantine monasteries. Halkidiki has among the best-developed beach resorts and tourist facilities of Greece and amazing summer nightlife with beach parties, thus attracting young crowds as well.

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Halkidiki is easily accessible from Thessaloniki, the second largest Greek city. Due to its large size, tourism in Halkidiki is scattered, creating in this way the development of many beach tourist places. The first peninsula is the busiest, while the second peninsula is less frequented but even more beautiful. The second peninsula is more popular with camping. Days and nights in Halkidiki are majestic. A drive around will bring you to nice places and historical sites.

Halkidiki is an area of mainland Greece which is most famous for the amazing beach resorts. Due to the large size of the region, these resorts are innumerable and suit all preferences, so you will find both organized busy resorts or totally secluded ones. Most organized beaches in Halkidiki are lined up with hotels and restaurants.

Popular areas in Halkidiki

The most popular areas of the Halkidiki peninsula are Kavourotrypes beach, in the second leg with white rock formations, Armenistis in the second leg as well, for its campsites lined up along the coast, Mount Athos monastic community in the third leg and Afytos and Neos Marmaras village.

Family fun in Halkidiki

You will be able to enjoy long beach walks, diving into the Carribean like water in the various beaches of Halkidiki. There is a wide variety of sea sports and the diving center will open up the possibility of exploring Halkidiki's most colorful seabed. The sea bottom of Halkidiki has many reefs and old shipwrecks to explore. Visit the Petralona cave with fossils dating back to the Paleolithic time. Your kids will most definitely love that!

Things to do in Halkidiki

Sightseeings include the Cave of Petralona rich in stalactites and stalagmites, Byzantine towers, ancient sites and lovely monasteries. Do not miss the boat trip from Ouranoupolis to Mount Athos with stunning views. Entrance to the monastic community of Athos is prohibited, therefore the only option is for the boat to make the tour of this peninsula so that visitors will be able to see the impressive monasteries from the sea.

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