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Nusa Tenggara

Nusa Tenggara is a wonderland of white sand beaches, a spectacular diving and surf destination, fairytale waterfalls, magical hot springs, and hidden traditional villages away from the hustle of mass tourism areas in Bali.

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Spreading west from the Wallace Line dividing Asia from Australasia, this archipelago is jungle-green in the north and tending to drier savannah in the south and east. In between nature has taken its brush to create limitless surf breaks and barrels, volcanic lakes, pink-sand beaches, swaggering dragons, and an ample underwater world. Today, the Nusa Tenggara region is attracting more and more visitors, with Komodo National Park and Lombok leading the way.

Popular areas in Nusa-Tenggara

Lombok is the perfect escape for the visitors of Bali, an appealing place for many surfers and many others popular attractions. Tropical, isolated beaches, friendly people willing to serve and help, tasty food and nature that fascinates even the most demanding traveler, presenting as premier visual attraction the Mount Rinjani, an active volcano that towers over the island's fertile plains and reminds you that maybe it is time for trekking.

Komodo Island is a series of islets that includes the Komodo National Park which is world-famous because of Komodo Dragons a 3-meter lizards with a Carnivorous diet. Those incredible reptiles are not safe for visitors because they roam freely and you must rely on a guide to keep you safe. Even though scuba diving is a very famous activity on Komodo Island, it's only for experienced divers because of the dangerous but spectacular Sea life such as sharks, sea snakes, and jellyfish.

Things to do in Nusa-Tenggara

Oehala Waterfall is a must-visit destination if you are exploring Timor Island. The access to this Oehala Waterfall tour is quite easy and accessible by vehicle. It is located in Oehala Village, on East Nusa Tenggara. The flow of Oehala Waterfall comes from Mount Mutis, and the waters are natural and crystal clear with a bluish-green color. Kohala Waterfall has 7 levels of waterfalls which ultimately empties into the Indian Ocean. A perfect destination for hiking and guided tours in this beautiful picturesque waterfall.

Mount Rinjani is at an altitude of 3,726 meters and it's the second-highest active volcano in Indonesia. Within the volcano is situated a caldera lake and the eruptions of the volcano have formed a small cone that created natural hot springs in the area. A perfect place for hiking with a breathtaking view.

Family fun in Nusa-Tenggara

The Lingsar temple, is among the most important holy places in Nusa Tenggara, is an emblem of island unity. Built in 1714 by Balinese Hindus, the northern section at Lingsar is dedicated to Hindu worship. The southern part is where Wetu Telu is performed among Lombok's native Sasak people. It is worth visiting for its beauty but also for feeding eels some eggs. This somewhat strange tradition exists because locals think the eels represent the Hindu God and giving them eggs, bless you.

The Perang Topat Temple Festival takes place in Lingsar in mid-December. It's an event worth witnessing. The celebrations consist of a lavish costume parade accompanied by a mock battle between the Hindus and the Wetu Telu, where they express some unsolved grievances by peeling each other with sticky rice balls.

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